Location: St Robert Community Center, 114 JH William Jr Rd, St Robert, MO 65584 Date: June 1-3, 2018

Terms & Conditions

Card subject to change. Guests may be unable to come due to unforeseen circumstances.

Pictures are great but make sure you ask permission before taking any photos of people at event.

Guests may require a fee to take pictures make sure that is paid in advance if required.

Registration forms must be filled out for art auction, car show, karate tournament, and vendors.

Karate Tournament must have all gear to fight in Kumite point style tournament groin protection, foot, hand, head, and mouthpiece. Event promoters, staff, and vendors not responsible for injuries during or after competition.

Weapons kata-all weapons will be contained till event begins after weapons katas are done weapons will not be allowed in facility.

Car show event promoters, staff, and vendors are not responsible for any property damage to vehicle while on premises or after event.

Cosplay contest- all weapons for cosplay must be props only. Mask maybe removed to identify person.

No harassment of any kind allowed. All people are here to have fun.

The staff, vendors, owner of facility, event organizer, St Robert Karate Club, Tiger Extreme Force, referee, judges, and guests not responsible for injury, theft of merchandise, or damage to property.

No fighting permitted other than those participating in tournament which will only be fought in tournament.

No stealing of other people's property

No damage to other people's property

Do not mess/take vendor merchandise unless you are paying for it.

Those who do not comply with rules will have leave with no refund.